1。 Sometimes, the heart will be inexplicably uncomfortable, but do not know why. Sometimes, when I talk and laugh with people around me, I feel abnormal and harmonious. Sometimes, looking out of the window quietly, I feel that I am a very easy person. Sometimes, I think the world is really fake and hypocritical. Sometimes, I really want to disappear from this world. 2。 How many days, I am with you, how many pages, all have your name. Since when, my heart has been in your place! Now, I pay for you all, turn around and become a stranger! How much love, how much love, in this way, overnight, smoke away, will not leave a trace. 3。 If I don't hear your voice again, I still don't know that I still care about you. The warm wind in summer blows the face, but the heart is cold like winter. Once upon a time, in such a summer, our acquaintance, like that. Once upon a time, just beside such a path, you took my hand and swore to accompany me through the hard road. 4。 Think about it. It's not easy to love you. Swear not to think about you, not to love you, not to love you, never to mention you again, but I received your call unintentionally today, I still can't help a little pain in my heart, the sky is still turning white, my eyes still can't help but shed a drop of tears. 5。 Because of the long distance, it is difficult for you to discuss some topics in depth and have fewer opportunities to talk about countless inner stories. Therefore, you will find that TA's heart is more and more elusive, and you do not know the true thoughts of TA's heart. At this time, the psychological distance between you has been very far, there is no previous heart to heart and heart to heart. 6。 Your tiredness, heaviness, frustration, regret, impatience, pressure and toil are all accepted into her gentleness by her understanding package. She is not only water, which can melt you, but also fire, which can burn you. Her charm index is: the most gentle bow! If you have such a good side, you must take good care of it! well! 7。 A lifetime lover is not a magnificent one, nor a promise. But when all people leave you, only he is silently with you. When everyone is appreciating you, he is the only one holding your hand and raising the corner of your mouth, as if to say proudly, I knew it for a long time. Don't be depressed by your lover's feelings, because it will tell you that the more company you have, the longer it will last. 8。 Young people can't live long before they have experienced profligacy. Childhood bamboo horse is just a meaningless prop used to spend their time in childhood. The farther you and I go, the more you and I look back to see the little black spot that is disappearing, whose eyes are blurred by tears, whose face Qingsi Buddha passed.